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10 Dubsado Features You Might Not Know About!

Dubsado Features

Are you familiar with all the Dubsado features it has to offer? While you may already be familiar with some of the well-known Dubsado features, like scheduling and workflows, but there are some lesser-known features that can take your business to the next level. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring these hidden gems and how they can benefit eco-conscious businesses.

1. Tipping
If you would like to offer your clients the opportunity to be able to add a tip to their invoice payment you can head to the receive money section in your settings and turn on “Accept Gratuity From Clients”. It is great come Christmas time when your clients may wish to give you an extra something as a thank you for your hard work.

Dubsado Features

2. Meta Data

Meta data allows you to personalise how your portal,  form or scheduler links are viewed when they are shared online. It allows you to add images, title and description copy, customising your URL and favicon image. 

You can make these changes to keep your Dubsado account on brand by heading to your settings and the Domain Names section.

Dubsado Features

3. Adding Links To The Client Portal
You may wish to use this feature to add links to google drives, videos, documents, itt can be any URl.

Dubsado Features

4. Adding Notes To Invoices

Adding notes to your invoices in Dubsado is a great way to provide additional information to your clients, such as your commitment to sustainability and any eco-friendly initiatives your business is involved in or alternative payment details.

For example: If your business donates a % of your annual income to help offset your emission to organisations such a 1% For The Planet or  One Tree Planted, this would help to reinforce your brand’s commitment to sustainability.

5. Email Read Receipts
Want to know if a client has read an important email or a lead has viewed your proposal? head to your settings, the emails section and turn on Tracking Pixel. Then when you view the email from the project, at the bottom of the email you will be able to see the time the email was sent and if it has been, the time it was last viewed.

Dubsado Features

6. Custom Mapped Fields

A Dubsado custom mapped field is a feature that allows users to create and customize fields to store specific information within client profiles or projects. These fields can store text or date-based information relevant to a business’s needs. 

For example: You are .working with a new business or client and need to collect their ABN for the agreement and any future agreements. You would add a field to the form and map it to the custom map field you created in your settings and once that has been filled out by the business/client, that data will auto-populate anywhere you have the associated smart field in the agreement or future forms. Saving you needing to make edits before sending the agreement.

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7. Auto Payment
A new feature for 2023, This allows either your clients to opt in for the auto payment option for payment plans or reoccurring invoices or you can set it to be required for all payments. Saving you and your clients time and avoiding overdue invoices.

8. Redirect Feature In Lead Capture Forms
To add to your client experience you may wish to have a page on your website that lead capture forms are redirected to. It could have useful information, a thank you video from you to add a personal touch or links to resources they may find helpful.

Dubsado Features

9. Send Emails Later
Want a email to land in a client or leads inbox at 9am the next day so they see it first thing? Send an email via Dubsado and click the up arrow next to the send button and select your preference.  This option is not available in workflows and does not have a custom option available yet so still a work in progress Dubsado feature.

Dubsado Features

10. Reporting

Did you know that Dubsado has a reporting feature? This feature allows you to generate reports on your clients, projects, invoices, and more. You can use these reports to track your progress, analyze your data, and make informed decisions for your business.

Did you know about all of these Dubsado features? There are many hidden gems in Dubsado that can help eco-conscious businesses streamline their workflow, showcase their commitment to sustainability, all while saving you time on the admin side of your business so you can focus on your business growth and impact!

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